Toshiba Telecom’s Website Goes Mobile Friendly

For quite some time, Toshiba had two websites. There was a mobile friendly site and a desktop version of the same site. It was cumbersome and the updates had to be tracked separately.

Toshiba Telecom mobile friendly

Why go mobile?

According to a 2012 Google Survey:

  • 74% of visitors were more likely to return to mobile friendly websites
  • 61% were likely to leave a website if it wasn’t mobile friendly, and
  • 67% were more likely to buy on a mobile friendly website

As mobile use increased, TSD needed a single website that adapted to the end-user favored platform. In addition, a responsive website improves SEO rankings and improves user behavior.

Design Improvements

Since we were doing the overhaul, we decided to make some design improvements to make the site more user friendly and easier to navigate.

  1. Easy-to-Use Navigation and Search Toshiba Telecom Easy Navigation
    • The navigation is made more prominent by enlarging the menu bar and reducing the number of items displayed
    • The menu structure is simplified by removing redundant items
    • A new auto-complete feature within the search bar makes it easier to find items
  2. Streamlined Website Content Toshiba Telecom Streamlined Content
    • More graphic content is used and redundant copy was deleted
    • Copy is focused on keyword selection, using most relevant term variations in the page titles
  3. Call-To-Action Emphasized Toshiba Telecom Easy Call to Action
    • Consistent call-to-action buttons are on each page banner
    • “Find Your Local Dealer” appears on each page

The Results

“We are extremely pleased with the website experience JDA created for us. Graphically engaging, easy to navigate with a prominent call to action, JDA exceeded our expectations. The results so far in terms of lead generation, content and video engagement are the proof that they were on the mark.”

—Annita Avila-Sharpe, Marketing Manager
Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division

The Toshiba website was launched in September 2016. With a complete overhaul—from page titles and content—it takes time for the analytics to start to improve. However, we are already seeing:

Toshiba Telecom website stats based on September 16, 2016 vs January 31, 2017 Toshiba Telecom website stats Month over Month: December 2016 vs January 2017

Web Team Partners

Such a large overhaul couldn’t be done single handedly. JDA worked with two other companies to bring the new Toshiba Telecomm website online.

Sequoia Internet Marketing Specialists ( designed the SEO strategy and developed content and identified top key words.

The Bedinger Group ( executed the SEO and link tracking. It truly was a team effort that was in the works for over a year. (

SYNQY Continues to Help Toshiba Telecom Build Their Brand

Toshiba has been utilizing SYNQY technology for over 3 years and year over year the number of dealers placing SYNQYs on their site has increased. For those readers who don’t know what SYNQY is, it is a technology that allows JDA to deliver a Toshiba brand experience on 3rd party websites. In this case, it is on Toshiba Telecomm authorized dealer sites. SYNQY provides a solution that turns static brand assets into rich, dynamic points of engagement. Below are the results for this past quarter:

Toshiba Telecom synqy stats

JDA will be updating the microsite in March and it will automatically update 195 dealer sites simultaniously.