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April | 2019

SiriusXM Broadens their Reach with Automatic

SiriusXM acquired Automatic Labs in 2017 and it is the perfect addition to their portfolio of connected products. Automatic’s app and adaptor make it easy for drivers and dealers to add connectivity to their vehicles. JDA’s challenge was to communicate their breadth of features and their step-up subscription model through their collateral and packaging to two audiences—the dealers and the end customer.

With Automatic’s easy to install adapter and app, most vehicles model year 1996 or later can be transformed into connected vehicles. This means that drivers get easy access to a suite of important safety and convenience features from Automatic, including:

  • Crash Alert
  • Roadside assistance
  • Real-time vehicle location monitoring and sharing
  • Engine light diagnostics and vehicle performance monitoring
  • Integration with smart home devices
  • Cashless toll payment processing

Automatic already had very clear brand guidelines and SiriusXM wanted to maintain their integrity. The packaging was particularily challenging because of how small it is and what needed to be communicated.

In addition to communicating to the end user, SiriusXM promoted the program to car dealerships. Their Automatic Dealer Program allowed dealers to offer customers a trial subscription that includes three free years of Automatic’s Crash Alert and Connected Maintenance services, as well as six free months of premium services, such as roadside assistance. This is a win-win for SiriusXM, their dealer base and the end customer. JDA had the opportunity to design and develop a kiosk for the latest car dealership tradeshow. The kiosk walked the dealers through the process of enrolling in the program and the benefits of Automatic and their business.

The kiosk touchscreen is manufactured by our client Elo — so our expertise with their products made the process a lot smoother for SiriusXM.

Currently, JDA is working on more digital content that can be shared on 3rd party webistes that sell Automatic.

Kenwood + SYNQY = Success with Regional Dealers

JVC Kenwood has been a strong advocate for the SYNQY technology. They have been placing their branded content on their regional dealer’s sites to broaden brand recognition, educate the consumer and highlight promotions for over three years. The results have been better than any pay per click ad buy.

Brand Recognition

Kenwood eXcelon mobile audio system is an advanced array of precisely matched components that work together to faithfully reproduce your music as it was intended to be heard. We developed a microsite that highlights the Performance, Harmony, Precision, and Refinement of the eXcelon brand. Kenwood was able to control who could use the SYNQY so that only authorized dealers had access to the content. We have also been able to update the microsite and have each SYNQY update automatically on all of the sites that had placed the content

Click to view on Mickey Shorr, scroll to and click the eXcelon Authorized Dealer badge.

Consumer Education

The dash camera Kenwood introduced has features that are much easier to explain with a video. We produced another microsite that had an overview video demonstrating features rather than just explaining them. Kenwood added another camera to the line and we were able to update the microsite and all the dealers were updated as well. Another great feature of SYNQY is that it won’t slow down the performance of the dealer site with A+ content because it is hosted remotely.

Click to view on DrDashboard, scroll to and click the “show more” badge.


This last fall and winter we had a promotion for the holidays. The promotion was slated to run until the end of December 2018. At the end of the promotion, we were able to turn the SYNQY off on all of the participating dealer sites. This ensured customers couldn’t access the promotion after it was completed.


The first quarter for 2019 has proven to be a good one for Kenwood:

Considering the engagement rates for a typical banner ad is less than 1%, getting 20% engagement was a phenomenal result. We worked hard with Kenwood and their dealers to optimize the placement of each SYNQY and the result speak for themselves.