Omnichannel Marketing
Elevate Your Brand with Award-Winning
Graphic Design & Digital Media

Online. On Shelf. In Print. JDA Works to Unify Your Channel Marketing Efforts.

We specialize in supporting companies’ branding and retail efforts with a Unified Omnichannel Marketing approach to touchpoints online, on-shelf and in-print. We help build integrated engaging graphic design and messaging throughout the purchase process to create brand advocates for your products and services.

Path to Purchase Expertise


Online Touchpoints

  • Websites/Microsites
  • Banner Ads/Google Ads
  • Nurture Campaigns/Email Promotions

Tangible Touchpoints

  • Brand/Product Identity
  • Packaging
  • P-O-P/In-store Promotions
  • Collateral/Direct Mail


Online Touchpoints

  • Targeted Email
  • Online Promotions

Tangible Touchpoints

  • Packaging
  • P-O-P
  • Seasonal In-store Demo Campaigns


Online Touchpoints

  • Follow-up Emails
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Online Product Registration
  • Email Address Capture/Opt-In

Tangible Touchpoints

  • Out-of-Box Experience
  • In-box Cross Sell Collateral
  • Quick-Start Guides/Manuals
  • Product Registration


Online Touchpoints

  • Purchased Product Relevant Email Campaigns
  • Online Product Attachment Offers
  • Social Media Content

Tangible Touchpoints

  • Direct Mail
  • Product Attachment Offers

Drive Traffic with Interactive
Digital Design for Any Device

Control your brand at the first step on the path-to-purchase with intuitive website design and syndicated digital content for desktop and mobile platforms.

Command Attention with the Right Site.

Your website is one of the most powerful tools to establish your brand and grow your business. It’s also often the first place a consumer looks for information. JDA offers comprehensive digital design expertise to make sure your site is engaging and intuitive as well as functional.

Effective sites function as storytellers, and inspire interaction from your audience. We’ll work with you to define the right visual elements, develop content that drives action, and apply expert UI/UX for a site that performs.

Engage Consumers with Promotions and Video

JDA creates branded videos, digital demos, email blasts and online promotions that generate excitement and invite click through. Give consumers more ways to interact with your brand by including these in your marketing plan.

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SiriusXM Offers 2 Ways to Save
Toshiba Telecom Website
Getac F110 Product Video
Kenwood Product Video

Syndicate your brand, products, services, and offers on third-party websites—without taking shoppers away from their sites.

Control your brand online with JDA & SYNQY

JDA employs SYNQY™ technology to create end-cap displays for the digital world that can be updated remotely and pushed to all locations simultaneously. So, your campaigns, messaging and visuals are always correct—and always on point.

SYNQY technology is perfect for timed promotions, brand engagement within news stories, reseller websites, blogs, sponsor’s websites, or anywhere a brand asset can go.

The images here are SYNQYs. Click them to see how JDA delivers our clients’ branded content to any website.

Learn More About SYNQY

On Shelf
Packaging & P-O-P Displays
are Your Best Salesperson at Retail

Command attention on shelf with design that informs and delights in any retail format.

Packaging Attracts, Informs, and Persuades

Your packaging is a silent sales person attracting consumers to take a closer look. Professionally designed packaging has a hierarchy of communication points that distinguish your product from competitors and persuades them to purchase.

JDA works with many of our clients to update existing packaging, develop line extensions, and launch new products including the package structure through brand execution.

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Read JDA’s 10-Steps to Better Packaging

P-O-P Display Encourages Engagement

Stand out in a crowded store with P-O-P that highlights a unique feature or promotion that encourages customers to compare, touch, and try your product. Effective design and messaging will increase your sales and reinforce your brand. 

JDA designs and develops end-cap displays, aisle displays, shelf-talkers with built-in video, product stickers, take-ones, tear-pads, in-store collateral, and more.

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In Print
Solidify Your Brand with
Collateral for a Tangible,
Lasting Impression

Engaging visuals and targeted copy tell a compelling story in brochures, sales kits and other printed pieces that put your best brand forward.

The Benefits of Print Media in a Digital World.

  • Tactile
    A printed piece is a physical thing that incorporates techniques, papers, and finishes that cannot be replicated digitally. Brochures can stay in houses or offices for months or years, while Internet content can disappear into cyber space instantaneously.
  • Credible
    There is a sense of legitimacy about print. The abundance of pop-ups and banner ads on websites can be aggravating and overwhelming. Furthermore, the fear of spam and viruses is enough make people afraid to click; this danger does not exist in printed materials.
  • Branded
    Brochures and printed sales materials are excellent for reinforcing your brand identity. Your brochures should have a consistent look and feel regarding fonts, colors, and imagery to help establish brand recognition over time.
  • Targeted
    Printed materials can effectively reach specific audiences that may be more difficult to target online.
  • Engaging
    Consumers are more engaged when reading printed material because the interaction is more purposeful. Websites, on the other hand, are often skimmed in as little as 15 seconds.

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Canon PIXMA PRO SERIES Professional Inkjet Printers are about enjoying beautiful imagery you can touch, feel and frame. In this brochure, JDA conveys that tactile experience with beautiful imagery, overlays, and high-gloss coatings.